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Geoff Peters I competed this year in 2 championships,the Japanese sprint series in my blue Honda crx vti. I did 5 out of the 8 rounds, and got 3rd in the J14 for the year, very pleased,because my car is totally standard. The tyres were the VR 2 185-55-14 .  The other championship was the Javelin sprint series, where I competed in my home built sports car, the GPC 96/2 sc . I had good results. I finished 4th overall in the championship, 1st overall in the class for the year, fastest n/a rwd.  I had one 2nd fastest time of the day, and one 3rd fastest time, I was in the JF2 class. I had to run on e marked tyres which are Kuhmo 215-50-13 super soft fronts, and 235-45-13 soft rears.

We are happy that we can take part in this great success ❤ hopefully in near future we can supply sizes for other car too😘

Well done Geoff!

Jersey podium WIN for John Dune , Dave Truscot and Daryll Morris.

Our costumers achievements in 2019 so far :

#sprint series 

🏆Geoff Peters 

🥉 3rd in the J14 Japanese Sprint Series

🏆Ian Pitman 
🥉 3rd overall of the Japanese Sprint Series championship ,
🥇 1st J04 class Champion of the Japanese Sprint Series
🥈2nd overall of the Whiteline Subaru Sprint Series
🥇1st S2 class Champion of the
Whiteline Subaru Sprint Series



Dean Cubitt
🥈 4B class Vice Champion Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb

David Newman
🥇 ACSMC Hillclimb Champion !

Martyn Cowley
🥈 ProAm Vice Champion British Drift Championship

Congratulations !

💥💥💥Ps . and how did your championship go?
If you come in top 3 of any Championship by using any Extreme product please send us your best foto of car , trophy , print screen of results or link to it.💥💥💥

Castle Combe double WIN ( 4th in the row) goes to …. Kelly Brabbin

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