This time we have the pleasure to share the achievements of …

David Brown “I would not have achieved this result without the encouragement and camaraderie of my fellow competitors, as always it is a great pleasure to meet up at the events with you, and the great job by all of the organising clubs, marshals and Dave Whyman of ACSMC. A very special thank you to Simon and Adrian May of ASM Automotive Engineers who for the second time did a remarkable job of repairing the Clio this time after my off at Castle Combe. And thank you to Rob at Extreme Performance Tyres for his advice and supply of the the VR2 – R5 tyres.”


We are happy that we can take part in this great success ❤

Our costumers achievements in 2019 so far :

#sprint series 

🏆David Brown

🥇1st ACSMC Sprint Championship Class A4 Champion

🏆Geoff Peters 

🥉 3rd in the J14 Japanese Sprint Series

🏆Ian Pitman 

🥉 3rd overall of the Japanese Sprint Series Championship ,

🥇 1st J04 class Champion of the Japanese Sprint Series

🥈2nd overall of the Whiteline Subaru Sprint Series

🥇1st S2 class Champion of the Whiteline

🥇 1st Super Lap Scotland  King of the Hill Champion and Class C Champion

🥇1st–J04 Class Javelin Sprint Series and Fastest 4WD 



Dean Cubitt
🥈 4B class Vice Champion Gurston Down Speed Hillclimb

David Newman
🥇1st  ACSMC Hillclimb Champion !

Martyn Cowley
🥈 ProAm Vice Champion British Drift Championship

Congratulations !

💥💥💥Ps . and how did your championship go?
If you come in top 3 of any Championship by using any Extreme product please send us your best foto of car , trophy , print screen of results or link to it.💥💥💥

Castle Combe double WIN ( 4th in the row) goes to …. Kelly Brabbin

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