Kelly Brabbin:That was the weekend that was castle combe. I knew it was going to be tricky when I got out in qualifying and the ABS was broken throwing the brake balance to the rear of the car making it really twitchy under braking. This meant I had to brake far too early but still lead the class at the chequered flag. Race one was great fun with some battles with Clios and a Saxo, I managed to pick up a dented front wing during a tussle on the final corner going for 12th place. Finished 14th in the end.

The Race two saw a lightening start from two of the cars behind me and I spent most of the race trying to regain the places. Hilarious good fun and finished 12th and two class wins. Fastest lap despite the brake issue was 1m 18.6s. Happy with the car, the extra torque from the new inlet was very useful, the brakes, now knackered need the wiring repairing and the pads replacing.

I must mention the tyres as Rob from Extreme tyres came down to watch the race. Taking on what we learned at Silverstone they were great. Right compound, correct pressure. Good wear characteristics. I went to Blyton the next day and gate crashed the se7en motorsport test day to try kill them but they’re fine for at least the next meeting or two.

Kelly for race day makes a choice of VR2 R7 front and R5 compound for rear.

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