If you are an experienced user, then you already know how these programs work. For less advanced – a few words of explanation.

In the simplest terms, as an Ambassador, you promote the products, tires and oils offered by our company in the social media.

It’s about being an influencer!

Tell your friends not only about tires and oils, but especially about how they can build your group of our customers. And benefit from it.

You must be a teacher!

You use our products, you know how they works, tell them what you think about it.

Whay don’t tell others?

Teach them how to use them, show your achievements on them. The more people you are interested in our products, the greater the chance that they will place an order and you will earn a more commission. How to promote effectively, we will suggest you in the next message.

How to generate your own personal afflicted link to our website?

Link is available on the website after logging in to your account . You need go to marketing,  then affiliate links.  Then you can see your personal afflicted link to our website .  Thanks to this, we can track the sales of individual Partners.

What happens when a potential customer clicks on the link posted by you?

Will be redirected to extremetyresuk.com

In the “cookie” file your ID is saved as an intermediary in the sale. And also keep new costumer under your line forever! This means if new costumer will back to our shop again and again, you will get commission from each transaction he made.

Thanks to the modern sales tracking system, we know how we acquired the client and you can be sure that you will always receive the commission due.

Why is it worth participating in the BA Program?

You do not need to have experience or special skills

You do not have to invest in products.

You do not incur any costs related to participation in the Program or execution of transactions.

You do not have to deal with customer service.

You can work without leaving your home.

You devote as much time as you want.

Affiliate Program is a great and easy way to earn extra money. For the best partners it works even as the main source of maintenance.

Attention! Cookies are stored in the system for 90 days. Once saved, the identifier is active throughout this period, even if the customer later places an order after accessing our website in a different way, eg using the browser directly. Unfortunately, if you use the link of another Partner, the ID will be changed in the “cookie” and you will not receive a commission, only this Partner

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