Application: Rally


Team: Andreas Barth / Mario Haubst

Vehicle: BMW e36 325i Group G (but also start in group F)


Event: 30th ADAC MSC Easter Rally Zerf R 70

Conditions: 25 ° outside temperature, dry, 61.5 km total length, 1.4km gravel

Class: NC2 (size F up to 3000cc displacement)

Finish: Overall 30. (from 65) | Class 3. (out of 8)



The first use of the Extreme Tires was born of necessity, so we competed with the VR1 in Mix Soft in actually inappropriate conditions. In absolutely dry conditions with predominantly very undulating asphalt, where very fast country roads alternated with economic routes, our concern was that the VR1 is too soft and we destroy the tire.


Already at this first use but showed the robustness of the tire. Even in these conditions, the tires held out. Of course, he had a tendency to smear, but nevertheless, I had direct confidence and we could enter the third place in the class. The tire showed a high grip level and was very easy to control at the limit.


Event: Löwenrallye Birkenfeld R35

Conditions: 7 ° outside temperature, dry-wet, partly snowstorm, 32 km total length, 1km gravel

Class: NC7 (Group G)

Finish: Overall 24. (from 87) | Class 4. (from 6)

The alternative for VR1 is VR3 which will also work well in difficult and variable surfaces, VR3 is available  in W3 super soft and R7a medium compound in 205 60 13 .


On the morning of the rally when driving off the tracks it was partly still very wet, snow showers were also announced. Therefore, we decided for the VR1. The first loop was still dry, punctually to the second round there was rain first and then a real snow shower, the track was really wet. Here, too, could convince in this “mixed mode” of the VR1. Always very well calculable with a good grip even in wet conditions. In wet and humid times get into the Top20 times.


Event: Hunsrück Junior Rally R35

Conditions: 22 ° outside temperature, dry, 33 km total length, 9.6km gravel

Class: NC2 (size F up to 3000cc displacement)

Finish: Overall 17th (out of 108) | Class 3. (out of 8)


Since the VR1 had made such a good impression already during the first two events, the idea was to use it also at this event because of the high gravel content. The calculation worked out, the grip on gravel was much better compared to the tires driven so far (eg Yokohama A048), on asphalt the usual well controllable behavior with very good grip was shown. It is worth noting that has withstood very well even in this endurance test of the tires. Other participants have already had breakouts during the break. The VR1 showed no significant damage even after the event. Incidentally, we were even able to beat the three group G Mitsubishi, who were still in front of us at the last event.



A very well controllable tire, high grip level in the dry (if not too hot) and wet, steering behavior better than known competitors, in mixed events with gravel for me the first choice. Value for money great.

source: Extreme Performance Tyres Deutschland





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