E30 E21 Durable polyurethane engine mounts BMW

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We offer engine mounts matching the BMW E30 E21 E12 with M20 family engines. We also have up to 4CYL. (please inform if you want to order such). They have been designed to transfer the overloads generated in sports cars with high powers. The materials from which it was made significantly extend their life compared to original products. Pillow height 52mm.

The housing and the luminaire are made of S355 steel (4mm thick). After many tests and trials, we’ve used absolute NEW on the market – rubber made in military technology, such as is used, among others in tanks and various combat vehicles. 80ShA hardness allows it to work optimally. Compared to polyurethanes, it has increased temperature and wears resistance.

The price is for the set.

Our product is made in POLAND.

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battlefields – including drift and rallies. They have never failed!


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