Extreme VR2 NK Series


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A modern road legal semi-slick with asymmetric tread and tire shoulder design.

The outside structure of this tire increases the grip and precision while cornering, whereas the inside structure provides maximum road contact on the straight line.

Together with reinforced sidewalls and racing compounds, this tire offers supreme grip and immediate steering response.

NK Series areretrade  new construction Casing tyre with aditional side walls rein-forcement and rim protector.

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Extreme VR2 NK series

175/50R13 Type R5, 175/50R13 Type R9, 175/50R13 Type W3, 185/60R13 Type R5, 185/60R13 Type R9, 185/60R13 Type W3, 205/60R13 TYPE W3, 205/60R13 Type R5, 205/60R13 Type R9, 205/60R13 Type W3, 185/55R14 Type R5, 185/55R14 Type R7, 185/55R14 Type R9, 185/55R14 Type W3, 195/50R15 Type R5, 195/50R15 Type R7, 195/50R15 Type R9, 205/50R16 Type W3, 205/50R16 Type R5, 205/50R16 Type R7, 205/50R16 Type R9, 215/45R17 Type R5, 215/45R17 Type R7, 215/45R17 Type R9, 225/40R18 Type R5, 225/40R18 Type R7, 225/40R18 Type R9, 235/40R18 Type R5, 235/40R18 Type R7, 235/40R18 Type R9, 235/35R19 Type R5, 235/35R19 Type R7, 235/35R19 Type R9, 305/30R19 Type


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