Extreme VR1 tyre


Universal, road legal, semi slick tyre with directional tread pattern.

Type-R and Type-W versions are designed for rally/time attack usage ind dry (R) and wet (W) conditions.

These products are distinguished by reinforced sidewalls and high performance rubber compounds which guarantees the highest level of grip.

The other version Type-S2 is specially made for drift dry/wet application.

Regular wearing and stable grip till the end are the biggest advantages.

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Additional information

Extreme VR1

195/50R15 Type W3, 195/50R15 Type W5, 195/50R15 Type S2, 205/45R16 Type R, 205/45R16 Type S2, 205/45R16 Type W3, 205/45R16 Type W5, 205/45R17 Type R, 205/45R17 Type W3, 205/45R17 type W5, 225/45R17 Type CB, 225/45R17 Type CR, 225/45R17 Type CY, 225/45R17 Type S2, 225/45R17 Type V2, 225/45R17 Type W3, 225/45 R17 Type W5, 245/40R17 Type S2, 245/40R17 Type V2, 245/40R17 Type W3, 245/40R17 Type W5, 245/40R18 Type CB, 245/40R18 Type CR, 245/40R18 Type CY, 245/40R18 Type S2, 245/40R18 Type V2, 245/40R18 TypeW3, 245/40R18 Type W5, 255/35R18 Type S2, 255/35R18 Type W3, 265/35R18 Type S2, 265/35R18 Type W5, 265/35R18 Type W3


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