Universal seat mounting for welding a bucket

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Universal seat mounting for sport bucket welding

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We offer a steel base for fixing a bucket chair. Due to the different floor construction in cars, we have designed a set for self-cutting and welding between the threshold and the tunnel of the car. Universal mounting significantly facilitates the installation of a bucket chair and provides a solid basis for its attachment.

Useful in every car that is used for motorsport (DRIFT, ¼ MILES, RALLIES, TIME ATTACK as well as cars built-in track style). The set contains 2 mountings, i.e. a set for one chair. Fastening a simple, reliable and very strong construction.

Fasteners are made of steel:

– main bow length 60cm,

– 35mm diameter with 2.6mm wall

– 35×35 square 3mm thick

The product is made in POLAND

Our products have been tested in extreme conditions on various battlefields – including drift and rallies. They have never failed!


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