Rallye Hessisches Bergland

Mid November – changeable weather 3-5 degrees outside temperature

Car: E36 318is

Driver: Tobias Saffrich

Co: Dennis Rehm

Tires: VR3 SuperSoft – 225 45 17

The changing conditions did not make tire selection easy. Much rain in the morning, partly snow on the high-lying Knüllwald test.

The route dries in the afternoon, partly completely dry.

The VR3 is a great tire in terms of price / performance. Lots of grip, good steering and braking behavior on wet roads. Due to the high tread blocks and the extremely soft rubber compound, the tire is a bit spongy to drive. After a short period of getting used to it, no problem and absolutely assessable.


Even on a dry track, the tire was still able to deliver decent performance in the low outside temperatures. We are very satisfied!

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