Toyota Racing Cup – a new cup in Poland

Toyota Racing Cup (TRC) will debut in the Polish Motor Racing Championship. The new cup is a chance for drivers who want to develop their racing adventure without incurring high costs. This is a natural step for those who have already gained experience in Track Day events, and now would like to test themselves in direct competition on the track.

Toyota Racing Cup guarantees well-prepared cars and equal opportunities for all cup drivers. The cars will be in identical technical specification, on the same tires  , which guarantees that it will be competition of drivers and not hardware battle. TRC is also an opportunity to test yourself at the only in Poland approved track by the FIA ​​- the Tor Poznań , where you can check and develop your skills in safe conditions.

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Wet tyre Extreme VR3 NK W5 195 50 15

Info : Toyota Racing Cup

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